Cheap Stock Video Footage and Archive Footage: Is there a Difference?


Technically, there is a difference between these cheap stock video footage and archive footage. However, it is so slight that you can barely tell. In fact, many people use them interchangeably. When a reference is made to either archive footage or stock footage, you can use either of them.

  • Cheap Stock Video Footage. Cheap stock video footage refers to any film or video used in production for which it is primarily made for. Motion pictures usually use it to reference other films or timelines. Documentaries, for instance, use stock footage to portray a specific historical time. Stock video presents in various products including news, interviews, motion picture and other footage. It can be used to lower cost from travel, equipment and talent expenses since it can be expensive to re-shoot certain common shots.
  • Archive Footage. Archive footage refers to footage retrieved from an archive or records library, both public and private. It is most commonly used to describe classical or historical footage. A great example is a video of Vietnam War or the Attack on 9/11. Many researches consider archive footage to give the illusion of historical or serious content. Thus, they are more commonly used in documentaries rather than on television shows.

The same criteria and laws apply to archive to footage and cheap stock video footage. However, the former is owned by an archive and its rights should be requested or purchased from stock media agencies or the government. On the other hand, stock footage can be found in the libraries of stock media sites and is available for purchase at various prices – depending on the quality and purpose of the video.

While archive footage is kept in an archive and managed by an archive manager, stock video footage is owned by its producer and contributed to a stock media agency for a premium. Both can be available for use of creative professionals for a certain price. In everyday use, there is not much difference between the two.

Should you go for free footage?

Cheap stock video footage and archive footage are available for use for a certain price. If you are trying to find FREE high quality videos, you may want to stop and visit a reputable stock media agency instead. Signing up on a stock site provides a number of benefits that will offset free but unsafe footage. You will get access to millions of video clips purchase them along with the necessary licenses and releases that will protect you from copyright violation. Some stock sites also offer fee assets every week. So, you will surely get value for your money.

Do not get yourself into a dangerous position by using free footage. Be responsible and get your footage from a stock media site.  

How to Look for Good Photos in the Dollar Photo Club

logo-dollarphotoclub The Dollar Photo Club hosts millions of stock images. While you may find the photo the fits your needs on the first page, do not limit yourself. Try to browse through the next few pages and you will be surprised to find something better. Keep in mind that the stock photo agency has a wide, diverse collection of high quality images. Searching for the perfect photo is possible as long as you have patience.

There are four main points to consider when looking for good Dollar Photo Club photos, here is a good alternative. These include:

  • The kind of photo you are looking for. When looking for the best image, you need to determine what kind you need. Do you need an illustration, a close up photo of a person, or an image of a person from head to toe? Knowing what you exactly needs helps you find the best image that fits your theme and message.
  • The components of the image. What are the elements in the image that you are looking for? For instance, you are looking for a photo of a person in a pink dress. Determine other elements such as the environment, the kind of dress she wears or the accessories she carries. This will help you find exactly what you are looking for.
  • The emotional response you want to elicit. How do you want your viewers to feel? When choosing a good Dollar Photo Club image, make sure it captures the right emotions from your audience. For instance, your cause is an energetic young woman finishing a 10k marathon. You do not use a photo of sad woman in an unfit physique.
  • The purpose of the photo. Where are you going to use the image? Using the image for print or web makes a huge difference in size and resolution. So as a general rule, always purchase the largest image you can afford. That way you can use the image in the future without any resolution issues.
  • The terms and conditions of the website. Some stock images do not allow editing of images in any way. For instance, you find an image the fits all your needs but one element does not seem to add value. You cannot just crop it out if the website’s rules do not allow you to do so.


How do you know if the image is good? The Dollar Photo Club photos are of premium collection. As long as you know what you are looking for, you will surely get good images. If you are not sure about your choices, show them to your staff and ask if the image captures the message you are trying to convey. If you are not yet a member of the Dollar Photo Club, you can join Adobe Stock instead. The website is currently closed for new members.

Guide to Buying Cheap Stock Photos

Buying cheap stock photos

Are you buying stock photos regularly? If your answer is yes, it is best to subscribe to two or three stock photo sites and stick with them. However, with the increasing number of agencies in the market, it can be difficult to keep track of them. … [Continue reading]